Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is the sixth day of reading break - classes start up again on Monday. This morning I took my first attempt at getting my "N" driver's license. Unfortunately I failed the driving test due to a lack of over-the-shoulder glances. The instructor was extremely observant and took off marks for even the smallest details which other drivers would never notice. Overall it was a waste of 35 dollars and one hour of time. I have to wait at least two weeks before I am eligible to retake the test.

Nath is now a deputy chief of party for Save the Children. Nath, Mom, and Skylor will be leaving for Indonesia on the 27th. I will probably be joining them over the summer.

Today the UBC ResNet bandwidth is supposed to have a significant upgrade. Although this should improve performance, they have also added a system which limits you to 2GiB of bandwidth every 24 hours. If you use over 2GiB you are placed in a "Penalty Box" and allowed allowed a maximum of only 100Kbps. I think I preferred the old setup since even though it was slower, there were no bandwidth limits. I can use 2GiB in under an hour... I guess I will be spending plenty of time in the Penalty Box!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Meal Plan Points

To help keep track of my meal plan points, I have started plotting my rate of food consumption. I am currently way below the "suggested" number of meal plan points. I have put a copy of the graph on my web server. Also of interest on the server are some 360 degree panoramic pictures taken around UBC.

In case you are interested in creating a dragon similar to the one in my previous post, I have uploaded the pictures I used. All that is required for assembling the dragon is a printer, scissors, and glue. Here is the original version, and here is a printer friendly version I made using Photoshop.