Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sri Lanka

Last week I finished my internship at Google. I have been in Sri Lanka for about a day now. Cathay Pacific managed to lose both of my suitcases on the way here. So far I like Sri Lanka. It seems to be similar to India except better in a number of ways.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Translation courtesy of reddit user thelifan:

My life here is terrible. Work environment is not great and benefits are little. But don't worry, everyday only about 10 people are seriously injured and I'm very careful. We opened a small shop, business isn't bad. Although I don't understand very much English, but I can still understand what white men say. Hopefully we can become successful, I will work hard and take care of myself.

Are you guys well? Miss you very much, hope to see you again.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


This morning I went skydiving from 15,000 feet. It was an incredible experience. The free-fall lasted for about one minute and parachuting lasted five minutes. The "falling" sensation only lasted for a few seconds after leaving the plane. Once reaching terminal velocity, the free-fall was quite comfortable (and surreal). My instructor let me control the parachute for part of the descent. We also performed a fun maneuver spinning the parachute around in a tight spiral. A few years ago I went bungee jumping. I think making the jump was probably scarier for bungee jumping than skydiving. However, I enjoyed everything about skydiving a lot more than bungee jumping.