Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I am using this blog entry to publicly release two programming projects I have been working on. These programs were made using Java, so they are operating system independent. Most of the time just double clicking on the .jar file will execute the program in Windows. To execute the file in the command line type "java -jar filename.jar".

Music Library is an mp3 player I made for an assignment in Computer Science 211. You need XMMS for the program to work in Linux, and Windows Media Player for the program to work in Windows. Execute MusicLibrary.jar to run the program (the other 4 files also need to be present in the directory).

Padomni is a simple text editor with similar functionality to Notepad. I made this program two days before my Computer Science 211 exam to review my Java coding skills. I originally wanted to call it Omnipad, but since that name was already taken...

The files can be found on my ftp server at ftp://byronknoll.dyndns.org/Programs. My web server is at http://byronknoll.dyndns.org, and my ftp server is at ftp://byronknoll.dyndns.org. These servers should be up and running most of the time, but I do occasionally turn my computer off. I am currently learning C, C++, and Unix shell scripting in my Computer Science courses.

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