Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yesterday - Finished my last exam. Out of the 5 exams, I did pretty well on three but ran out of time on Electrical Engineering 259 and Computer Science 213. I should get my grades back within the next couple of days. My only hope is that there will be a healthy curve on the two exams which I messed up on.

- Meeting up with friends from 4'th Nootka (the floor from last year) for supper.

- Visit the Planetarium!

The Day After Tomorrow - Leave on a plane for Indonesia. Flight path: Vancouver (Canada) -> Los Angeles (US) -> Taipei (China) -> Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) -> Medan (Indonesia).

I get almost exactly four months of summer vacation. During the few moments I have had not studying, I have been scheming on plans... plans which should keep me busy for the four months of vacation. Most of these plans involve my computer however, so if it decides to die for some reason I will become very unhappy. My next blog entry will cover the details of my trip and my impressions of Indonesia.

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