Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AIspace Release

We have redesigned the CIspace website and changed its name to AIspace. The new website URL is The old CIspace website will continue to exist until March 1st, after which all CIspace URLs will be automatically forwarded to AIspace. Here are some of the technologies I used to redesign the site:

- Server Side Includes: using SHTML, common sections of the website were placed into a single file instead of duplicating the code for each webpage. This allows site wide changes (such as adding a new tab) by editing just one file instead of having to edit each page on the website.

- Cascading Style Sheets: used to define colors, fonts, and the overall layout of the website.

- HTML validation: all of the webpages have been validated to ensure cross-browser compatibility. A button has been added to the bottom-right of each webpage to check its validation using the W3C validation service.

- The website and applet logos were redesigned using vector graphics in Inkscape.

1 comment:

Adam Dunn said...

Even though you have w3c validation, you might be interested in as well. Unfortunately, browsershots does not have links2 -g, but should still be useful