Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost in Translation

I found my name in a German article about Imagine Cup. Here is what Google translate outputs on the relevant paragraph:

The word "Medaillienspiegel" is no coincidence. As the Olympic Games allegedly making the youth of the world, it is also the meeting of the young programmers conjunctive effect, especially on the development goals (Millennium Development Goals) is the UN. But the spectacle flag at the foot of the Pyramids, the Microsoft of a dispensation granted by the Egyptian government could carry out, showed otherwise. Uninhibited celebrated especially Brazil, China and Poland, with flags and speaking choirs, if a country team, a winner had reached space. The award presented to the winners banners schwenkend, only the Nationalhymen missing. Only the winners from the UK, Canada, the Czech Republic and the United States without a plume occurred at. "I do not know that my code is code is a Canadian," said Byron Knoll at the end of the Finals, as the nations around frenetically celebrated their winner.

I think it is commenting on the fact that I didn't have a Canadian flag at the event (most of the other competitors brought flags). As for my quote "I do not know that my code is code is a Canadian" I have a feeling that much of its original meaning has been lost in the English->German->English translation. I have no idea what my original statement was, so I'm not sure if the German translation is accurate ^_^

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