Saturday, February 06, 2010

Harbin Trip

Over the last week I have been in China attending the ACM ICPC World Finals. The trip was really fun. I got invited to come even though I am not a competitor since I might be part of the UBC team next year. Six people from UBC came (one coach, three competitors and another guest). Harbin is in the northern part of China so was extremely cold. The temperature was usually between -10 to -30 Celsius. I have posted pictures of my trip here. There were a lot of activities organized by ACM so there wasn't much time to explore Harbin ourselves. Harbin is famous for ice and snow sculptures. There were sculptures lining the streets all over the city.

UBC did well at the finals. They got 18th place. I think UBC's record is 13th place. Here is the final scoreboard. There were three North American teams which did better: Stanford, Cornell, and Carnegie Mellon. These teams only did better on time and did not solve more problems than UBC. All three members of this year's team are not eligible to compete again next year. Based on the performance of the second and third UBC teams, it is extremely unlikely we will be nearly as good next year.

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