Friday, March 04, 2011

Vector Playing Cards

I have started working with Simon on a project to create a multiplayer card game website hosted by Google App Engine. For the website we need high quality images of each poker card. Ideally the images would be in a vector format so that we can scale them to any resolution. We found that there are not many options that don't have restrictive licenses (here is one exception).

Instead I decided to create a deck of vector graphics cards from scratch using Inkscape. I created most of the artwork myself except for the ace of spades:

I based this design on artwork by Suzanne Tyson. Since the source image was rasterized, I used the potrace algorithm to vectorize it.

I am releasing the images into the public domain. This means that they can be used for any purpose without any attribution (although attribution would be appreciated). I have created a Google Code project to host the SVG source code and also posted pictures of the cards to my Picasa account.

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