Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dark Souls PvP

I recently started my second playthrough of Dark Souls. Dark Souls is the best game I have ever played. I originally played Dark Souls on the PS3 - this time I am playing the PC port ("Prepare to Die" edition). That means now I can take screenshots!
Notice that the dragon's tail is missing - I did that.

Unhappy dragon.

This hallway is where I had an unforgettable experience. Another player had invaded my world to assassinate me (1v1 PvP). This is a pretty rare event when I play, so it is exciting when it happens. Luckily, this was the perfect place and time for him to invade - I had full health and the location could not be better. This narrow hallway leads to a dead-end, which means there is only one way in or out. That prevents my opponent from sneaking up with a surprise attack. My character is a pyromancer, which means that I am most effective at mid-range attacks. This hallway was perfect for my character because it forces the other player to walk directly into my spell range. So I waited in the hallway for him to attack. He spotted me from the end of the hallway and tried to lure me out - he can see my Pyromancy Flame so he knows that I have the advantage here. His weapon is some sort of dagger. Since I refuse to leave the hallway, eventually he cautiously approaches. When it looks like he is in my spell range, I start casting fire orbs at him. Impressively, he manages to stay far enough back to narrowly avoid my spells. When I advance he moves back, and when I move back he advances. So I continue casting the spell since I have plenty to spare. My spell is powerful enough that a single hit would make it very difficult for him to recover. Suddenly after one of my fire orbs misses him, he starts sprinting towards me. I cast another orb and it is headed directly at him. At the perfect time he does a dive roll under the orb and it narrowly misses him. He rolls past my side and stands up directly behind me. Before I have a chance to react he backstabs me and kills me with a single attack. The backstab attack is that powerful because it is so difficult to get directly behind a player. I was astounded at how perfect his sequence of moves was. As he was fading away to return to his world, he turned towards my corpse and bowed. I wish the battle had been recorded - it would have been fun to be able to watch it again.
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