Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Work, Study, Sleep

I am now sitting in the middle of a deserted hallway with nothing to do for the next two hours except for composing this blog entry. The official job title is "Audio Visual Orientation Guide," and I am supposed to give support to any professors who need help operating the classroom equipment. The only problem is that there are no lectures being held in any of the classrooms on my hallway, therefore I am not receiving any requests for help. I have signed up for a total of nine shifts from 5:30pm to 8:30pm over the next two weeks. I have decided that tomorrow I will bring a book to read during my shift...

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for term 2. I am currently in my second year of "Cognitive Systems - Intelligent Systems and Design." This is a program option part of the Computer Science Department, and combines the fields of Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Here is a copy of my course schedule for term 2. I am going to be frantically searching for alternative methods of acquiring textbooks for my courses over the next few days. I have decided that I no longer wish to pay 600 dollars every term.

My sleeping schedule was abruptly forced 5 hours out of phase this morning because I was unable to make reservations for the ferry. With all available spots on the ferry already reserved, Nath and I had to wake up at 5:30am to ensure that we would be one of the first standby passengers. We were the second last car on the boat. The trip to UBC took a total of about 5 hours. I spent most of that time on my PSP, finally beating Day of The Tentacle (using ScummVM) after many hours of frustration. It is now 7:30pm and I am already starting to feel tired. I guess I will spend the next hour in a blank daze like the girl sitting across from me in the perpendicular hallway (who also has absolutely nothing to do during her three hour shift).

// Triple Verbs!

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