Thursday, March 02, 2006

Google Vs. Microsoft

I just got back from Microsoft’s Develop Mental Tour [photo]. It was a two hour presentation about developing 3D games. Even though it was interesting, not much was accomplished since the process of developing a 3D application can not really be summarized in a two hour time period. I was well rewarded for attending however, since Microsoft felt that this was a good opportunity to give out some free stuff. We got pizza, pop, chips, a massive textbook about programming with C#, and some lottery tickets for a chance to win an HDTV or an MP3 player. There was also a random draw at the end for some free shirts and an Xbox 360 (which I didn’t win).

Last week I attended a Google presentation, which also gave out some free items. It seems like Microsoft and Google are competing to get the valuable attention of us UBC Computer Science students. Google supplied pizza, pop, pens, sticky notes, a strange flashing logo, and some other stuff. Some other items which are currently being mailed to me at no cost are 5 copies of Ubuntu (a Linux distribution), Visual Studio® 2005 Express Edition, and a Microsoft USB flash drive (probably loaded with a variety of advertisements). If you are interested in receiving a free copy of Ubuntu, try visiting

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PL said...

Byron! Be careful young jedi, there is always an exchange in kind. It is the way of the dark side to provide free stuff to the unassuming. Be wary, and may the neurotic bliss of Java forever guide thee through the corporate mind crusher.