Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I made it to Indonesia with relatively few problems. In Vancouver I had some difficulty getting my luggage checked. Both my suitcases were over 10 kilograms above the weight limit. I ended up taking out my desktop and a few CD cases to take as carry ons. Even after taking out the items, the suitcases were still slightly above the limit, but they let the bags through anyway. My only problem then was that there is a limit of one carry on which has to be below 5 kilograms. I had a desktop computer and a large backpack, which were over 10 kilograms each. I continued on with the trip, and luckily nobody stopped me from taking my carry ons.

There was hardly any turbulence the whole trip. I think the seatbelt sign came on a total of five times. I was very impressed with the airport in Kuala Lampur. One of the coolest structures I have seen in a while, and everything was really clean and organized. The airport in LA was not nearly as impressive. It was crowded, confusing, and not very attractive.

I have now been in Indonesia for almost 48 hours. I am very pleased with the house, and my computer is still working. Indonesia seems to be very similar to Thailand, although there are an excessive number of cats roaming the streets for some reason. One potential problem I have encountered is that very few people here seem to know English - which makes communication difficult. Here is a gallery of a few pictures I have taken in Indonesia so far.

Four out of five of my grades are now online. They turned out much better than I expected. I still don't know how I did on Electrical Engineering, so I am going to be anxiously checking my grades over the next few days.

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