Monday, July 31, 2006

Sod's Law

One of the best things about my stay in Indonesia is the amount of pirated software available. Normally I am not dependent on physical sources of data, but here I am limited to 2GiB of bandwidth per month (in contrast I usually use over 5GiB of bandwidth per day at UBC). At the local stores I can get almost any program/movie/game I want for 10,000 rupiah (USD 1.10).

Inevitably, earlier this week all the piracy stores in town shut down simultaneously. I am assuming it is because of some sort of massive government piracy raid here in Medan. It was fun while it lasted!

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Adam Dunn said...

You mean the pirates didn't have a big lever they could pull and all the tables flipped over (a la Moe's Tavern in the Beer Baron episode), showing a bunch of Linux Warez? Byron rotates around with the table clutching all the Ubuntu DVDs and says, "Ow. Those gears hurt."