Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mysterious Function

A few days ago in my COGS401 class our professor wrote a formula on the board. I hadn't been paying attention up until that point in the lecture, so I have no idea why he wrote the formula, or how it was related to psychology in any way. He seemed pretty excited about it however, so I wrote it down in my notebook:

Yi+1 = a * (1-Yi) * Yi

i+1 and i are both subscripts to the variable Y.

I just finished a small Java program to plot the formula to see what it looks like. 'Yi' is on the y-axis and 'a' is on the x-axis. My program could only plot the function between 1 < a < 4:

Here is 3.5 < a < 3.75:

and 3.75 < a < 4:

Very mysterious...

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Anonymous said...

Byron, it's Coop. I like to see that you've posted up a nice function from class, but what is it and what does it represent? I'm lost as to why this function deserves praise from your prof and your blogging about it. Please put up another post explaining it. Peace man.