Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flight Cancelled

To save money I booked a bizarre flight path to India:

Seattle -> Vancouver -> Hong Kong -> Chennai

This means I had to take a bus from Vancouver to Seattle in order to fly back to Vancouver. In addition, the flight leaves in the morning so I had to stay in a hotel overnight. I couldn't just cancel the flight because that would cancel the connecting flights as well.

The flight from Seattle to Vancouver was cancelled this morning due to mechanical problems. There were no other flights to Vancouver in time for my connecting flight, and taking a taxi/bus probably wouldn't have made it in time either (especially with the snow). The only option was book a completely different flight path which leaves tomorrow:

Seattle -> Paris -> Chennai


Anonymous said...

well, have you arrived? can you see Myanmar?

Byron Knoll said...

Yup, I am in India. Fortunately I also get to stay here for the remainder of vacation. They were trying to deport me because of visa problems.