Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My computer has been broken for the last month. Today my new motherboard finally arrived. I decided to replace the motherboard on a picnic table outside because a) I wanted to clean my case without filling the room with dust and b) my room is too hot (it is currently 33°C outside and much warmer inside). I had a friend help me replace the components. Everything was going well until about half way through the process. Right when the computer was completely disassembled and parts were lying all over the picnic table, water starts flying at me from all directions simultaneously. Apparently the picnic table is positioned perfectly between at least three high-flow sprinklers. This was a terrifying experience since I know that water and computers do not mix well. It took several trips to get all the components out of range, so a few pieces got thoroughly soaked. I am going to leave the desktop disassembled and let it dry overnight. Hopefully the sprinklers did not destroy my computer :'(

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