Saturday, November 07, 2009

2009 Pacific Northwest Contest

Today was the ACM ICPC regional programming contest. Here is the final scoreboard:

UBC^ got first place.
Stanford got second and third place.
UVic got fourth place.
UBC+ got 10th place.
UBC* got 15th place.

There were 77 teams competing. I was on UBC*. In theory UBC* was supposed to do better than UBC+. They lucked out because one of their members knew a specific algorithm from a graph theory course which allowed them to solve a very difficult problem (which only two teams solved). Our team did really well on time, but we got completely stuck once we reached five problems. In fact, we were in first place when we got to five problems. There were two or three additional problems which were definitely solvable, but unfortunately we didn't finish them in time :(.


Mike said...

Wow, K was a graph problem. That rocks... But i really think that you should go after B. B is a very simple BFS...(at least that's in my algorithm...@__@)

BTW, you're excellent team. I was just sitting behind you. ^_^

Byron Knoll said...

Yeah, we knew how to solve B. We actually started coding it but got distracted by other problems. The two other problems which we probably could have gotten with more time were G and J. In hindsight, we should have finished coding B before attempting G and J :(