Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contests and Interviews

There is a new programming contest on Al Zimmermann's webpage: I am currently ranked 8th out of 56. The contest lasts months, so there is no way I will maintain this high rank :D. On the son of darts contest I currently have a score of 90.00 and a rank of 59 out of 384.

Three friends and I are entering the Game Design category of Imagine Cup. Today we submitted a game demo. It is a simple text adventure game using Silverlight. The game also works in Linux using Moonlight. I wrote the text parser for the game. Our team was speculating that we probably put the fewest man-hours into making the game out of all the competitors (so I will be surprised if we advance to future rounds). If we make it to the finals we get a free trip to Poland.

I am currently in the interview process with Google, Facebook, IMO, and Numenta for a summer internship. Later this week I will be flying down to California for a full day interview at Numenta. Coincidentally, Numenta's founder Jeff Hawkins is giving a talk at UBC this week. I have scheduled a meeting with him when he gets here!

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