Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Alive!

After the suitcase incident, my desktop has been broken for the last six months. Earlier this week I replaced its motherboard. When I tried booting, I was disappointed to hear that it was still just beeping error codes. However, the error codes this time indicated a memory problem (which is different from the beep codes I was hearing before). I identified the damaged stick of RAM and removed it. Finally my computer seemed to boot normally, except that it unexpectedly turned off about 30 seconds later. I identified this problem to be due to the heatsink not attaching properly to the CPU. I ordered a new heatsink from Ebay and it arrived today. I just put in the new heatsink and the computer seems to be functioning normally. yay. In total, transporting my desktop in a suitcase destroyed the motherboard, one stick of RAM, and the CPU heatsink.

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