Friday, March 04, 2011

Vector Playing Cards

I have started working with Simon on a project to create a multiplayer card game website hosted by Google App Engine. For the website we need high quality images of each poker card. Ideally the images would be in a vector format so that we can scale them to any resolution. We found that there are not many options that don't have restrictive licenses (here is one exception).

Instead I decided to create a deck of vector graphics cards from scratch using Inkscape. I created most of the artwork myself except for the ace of spades:

I based this design on artwork by Suzanne Tyson. Since the source image was rasterized, I used the potrace algorithm to vectorize it.

I am releasing the images into the public domain. This means that they can be used for any purpose without any attribution (although attribution would be appreciated). I have created a Google Code project to host the SVG source code and also posted pictures of the cards to my Picasa account.


Sara said...

Thanks a bunch for sharing these card graphics!

baconthatsteak said...

Excellent work, thanks for posting these

Serena Williams said...

Thank you very much for sharing these Playing card images.
Serena from Vector Art Service

Knishka Gupta said...

Looking great work dear, I really appreciated to you on this quality work. Nice post!! these tips may help me for future.
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McCard JK said...

Thank you! I developed a game using your card images for my website

Unknown said...

What a wonderful job. Congratulations and many thanks.

Unknown said...

Wonderful job. I really appreciate it.
Only one thing missing: a face down card.