Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rocket Launch

This weekend I launched a low-powered rocket at NASA Ames. The event was organized by the local rocketry club. My rocket was designed by my older brother. Here are some pictures:

NASA is definitely the coolest venue imaginable for launching rockets :). I am guessing there were 50-100 people at the event, with about one rocket launching every minute. One rocket actually fell on me while I was setting up my rocket. Its parachute didn't deploy due to a malfunction. Luckily its terminal velocity was not very fast, so it didn't hurt me. Here is a video of my first launch:

We determined that fire/ember from the engine traveled up the body of the rocket, burning the parachute and snapping the rubber cable which connects the two rocket segments. So the bottom rocket segment crashed without any parachute, causing the four fins to break off. After repairing the rocket with super glue we made a second launch attempt. The second launch was slightly better, but the parachute got tangled and did not fully deploy.

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