Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Avegant Glyph Review

Two years ago I made a post about a device called Avegant Glyph. I ended up investing in the Kickstarter. The estimated delivery during the Kickstarter campaign was December 2014. I finally got the Glyph two days ago.

It is a very cool device, but fell short of my expectations. Initially I spent a lot of time trying to get the position of the display calibrated for my eyes. It was very difficult to calibrate - I couldn't get a clear view of the entire rectangular display. The nose pieces that came with the device keep the display too far from my eyes. I found that removing the nose piece helps me get closer to the display, getting a clearer picture. However, I still can't get a completely clear view of the corners of the display even with my eyelashes touching the lens. The device is also a bit uncomfortable without a nose piece.

Ignoring the calibration issues, the quality of the display is amazing. Colors are very pure and reading text is easy. The display quality looks much better than the Oculus Rift developer versions. However, the resolution of the display is not very high.

Originally I was hoping this could be used as a complete replacement for my desktop monitor. The calibration issues really prevent this from working well. It is annoying to not be able to see text in the corner of the display clearly with both eyes. I tried watching a movie with the device while lying down. This worked well. The weight of the device was supported by the bed, so it was not uncomfortable. The corner calibration issues were hardly noticeable while watching the movie (probably because focusing on the edges wasn't necessary).

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