Monday, November 21, 2011

Facebook Removes RSS Importing

When I logged into Facebook today I was greeted with this message:
That's right, Facebook is removing the ability to import RSS feeds. I am not very active on Facebook, so people commenting on my automatically imported blog posts is one of the few ways I still use the service. Now that this functionality is removed, my usage of Facebook will drop significantly. I have the suspicion they are removing it for a bad reason. I have noticed that the amount of time it takes for RSS feed items to be imported to Facebook can sometimes take several days. Why would it be so slow? Google Reader updates my feeds in a matter of minutes. I think the only reason Facebook would be so slow at importing feeds is if it is an expensive process and they don't want to spend the resources to update more often. The feature is obviously good for users, so the only reason Facebook would have to remove it is to reduce costs.

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