Monday, November 07, 2011 is down!

A while ago I created the site - a rock-paper-scissors programming competition hosted by Google App Engine. The site is currently down due to exceeding its quota. This is because today App Engine introduced a new pricing model. With the old pricing model my quota usage was $0 per day. With the new model it is about $13 per day, or about $4,750 per year. Seriously? That is a ridiculous increase in price. Of course this basically forces me to shut down the site or redesign how it works. For now I have disabled all automatic ranked matches which should bring it back into the free quota (at the same time making the site completely useless because the rankings will no longer update). I can only assume that the price increase has a larger impact on me than typical users (possibly due to the type of resources I use to run matches). The only reason I make this assumption is because if everyone is hit by the price increase as badly as me, nobody would continue using App Engine. I am not happy.


nfitzgerald said...

Do you not get some kind of discount working at Google?

Byron Knoll said...

Nope, no Google discount :(