Saturday, August 30, 2008


I took the GRE this morning. It started with two writing sections. My essays weren't spectacular, but the topics were interesting so at least I had something to write about. The next section was the math section. I did really well on this and finished just barely on time. I switched the answer for my last question with less than 5 seconds to spare! Next was a verbal section which went about as well as could be expected (English is not one of my strong points). I thought that would be the end of the exam but was surprised when another math section started. My practice tests only had one math section so I was annoyed that the test wasn't finished. This second math section went terrible since by then I was getting tired. I was working way too slow and still had 7 questions remaining with only one minute left. I had to randomly guess for the last few questions. I was surprised to see in the end that my scores were 800 in math and 600 in English. I am really lucky that the second math section must not have been scored. Apparently they put in an extra unmarked experimental section. I will have to wait for the scores to be sent to me before I get the marks for the essays.

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Anonymous said...

That wonderful score..what next?

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