Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Internship Finished

I finished my internship at Microsoft last Friday. It has been a great summer. Almost every weekend there was some Microsoft event taking place. I took part in two puzzle events. One of them was non-stop for 36 hours and really well organized (our team came in third)! A few weeks ago I went cave exploring at Ape Cave Lava Tube near Mount St. Helens. Two days ago (my birthday) I saw Dark Knight at IMAX - incredible movie.

On August 30th I will be taking the GRE. I haven't done much studying for it yet, so I plan on studying for the next few days. Over the next semester I will start applying for grad schools. I have decided where I will be applying for six out of my nine applications:

- Carnegie Mellon
- Stanford
- Waterloo
- University of Toronto
- ?
- ?
- ?

The other three will most likely come from this list. I will be applying to AI programs. I am currently planning to focus on learning about pattern recognition. Since I eventually plan on doing industry research, hopefully I can get research internships over the next few summers.

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