Sunday, May 09, 2010


I really enjoyed my first week at Google. So far I have mostly been doing training. The food at the Googleplex is amazing. I will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner there, so I will only have to cook for myself on weekends. I have been trying to go to a different café for every meal. My apartment is about a 30 minute bike ride from the campus, so that exercise might help counteract the abundance of free food. Google gave me a nice bike to use over the summer.

Yesterday I bought a new monitor so that I can play my PS3. I also bought a game called Demon's Souls. I tried getting Demon's Souls at three different places in Vancouver but they were all sold out. In Mountain View I tried checking Best Buy and Toys Я Us but they were also sold out. Finally, I found a copy at Game Stop (which turned out to be their last copy). The ridiculous thing is that this game was released over half a year ago. The gameplay is incredibly addicting (and incredibly difficult). It is the best PS3 game I have played.

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