Sunday, May 09, 2010

Suitcase Computer

I recently discovered that traveling with a desktop computer in a suitcase is a bad idea. When I was packing for my trip to Mountain View I spontaneously decided to bring my desktop computer since I had lots of extra room in my suitcases. I have traveled with a desktop computer before without any problems.

The first annoyance was that both my suitcases were way over the weight limit, so I was charged expensive overweight fees. I would have been under the weight limit without the computer. When I arrived in Mountain View and started unpacking the computer, I noticed a horrible rattling sound when I moved it. A rattling sound indicating loose components in the case.

The CPU heatsink had somehow become detached and was bouncing around inside the case the entire trip. Today I bought some thermal grease and reattached the heatsink. When I tried to boot the computer it started making beeping sounds and immediately shutdown. It is most likely the motherboard which was damaged. I wish I had just left the computer in Vancouver.

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