Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Starcraft II

Last week I bought Starcraft II. The game has already been out for a year, so I am late to the party. I also never played the original Starcraft (which has been out for 13 years), so you can imagine that I am terrible at the game.

I have spent a lot of time over the last week studying and practicing. I found the beginner guide at /r/starcraft to be quite helpful. I have also been watching Husky and day[9] videos. This is my favorite match so far. I find watching Starcraft matches quite entertaining, so I anticipate that I will continue watching matches even if I stop playing the game.

I play as Terran (username: omninox). I have started focusing on a single build order that seems to be doing quite well. I have been slowly rising in the bronze league - hopefully I will be promoted to silver soon. Most of my friends are way better than me, so I have been doing 1v1s with strangers. One player I know (a friend of a friend) is ranked at the top of the master league!

I made it to the last level of the campaign on hard difficulty. After a number of retries on the last level, I gave up and beat it on normal. I have also started playing two custom Starcraft games: starjeweled and desert strike. I have been using starjeweled as a way to relax between 1v1 rounds - I find 1v1 to be quite mentally exhausting. Desert strike is a great way to practice unit counter strategies. If you play Starcraft, send me a friend request and maybe we can play sometime.

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Anonymous Coward said...

nice! :P we need a rematch!