Monday, April 13, 2009

BattleCode Tournament Results

A few minutes ago the results from the BattleCode Open Tournament were released:

Top Teams

* 1st place: I for one welcome our new Team 207 overlords
* 2nd place: We'll do it live
* 3rd place: gtg ice skating lessons
* 4th place: My other language is english
* 5th place: Little
* 6th place: JIT In My Pants
* 7th place: When you wish upon Astar
* 8th place: Yellow Submarine

Non-MIT Teams

* 1st place: Bad Meme
* 2nd place: KeepItSimple
* 3rd place: Villanova

Notable Non-MIT Universities

* 1st place: University of British Columbia
* 2nd place: Villanova
* 3rd place: University of North Carolina (Wilmington)

I was a member of KeepItSimple. As expected, MIT teams completely dominated the contest. Bad Meme and KeepItSimple are both UBC teams, so I am proud that UBC is the next best university. I know that our team could have done much better if we had more time to work on it. I am planning on competing again next year, so hopefully next time we can challenge some of the top MIT teams!

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