Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grad School

I have finally decided where I will be going for grad school. I will be staying at UBC for my master's degree. I was accepted at four out of the nine places I applied. I was hoping to be able to try a new university for my master's degree, but UBC is one of the best out of the places I have been accepted for AI/machine learning. My first choice in Canada was Toronto, but unfortunately I got rejected there. Hopefully during my master's degree I will be able to strengthen my application so that I can get accepted into a good school in the US for my PhD.

The entire process of applying to grad school took a lot of time (and money). It involved taking the GRE, researching schools, applying for scholarships, getting references, etc. The process should be much easier when I apply for my PhD two years from now since I have already done the majority of the work. The application process was cheaper than I was expecting because luckily I didn't have to pay any application fee for Alberta (scholarship) and Berkeley (unknown reason). For my PhD applications I'll probably apply to fewer universities to reduce the time/cost requirement.

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